Unfortunately, it was time to leave this little paradise island! And of course it was super windy again and the boat couldn’t even get to our beach so they took us whit the most local transportation to another beach where the wind was not so strong so we could board the boat for another unpleasant ride back 😀

We decided to stay one more day at Otres beach. In Koh Rong we saw only sunrise, so it was nice to have a sunset on the beach for a change haha :D. I know this sounds a bit spoiled haha but I’m really not a morning person no matter how hard I try to become one. 😀 While the beach is nice, super long and perfect for morning walks and full of cafes and restaurants but everything else is a construction unfortunately. The Chines are building some major hotels, offices, and the whole village has no electric during the day (yep everyday) so it is pretty hard for them. We found a really nice beach bar and just stayed there the whole day tanning and drinking mojitos into the sunset.

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