We arrived to Cambodia in a late afternoon. We reserved a hotel in advance and it was supposed to have an airport pick up.. yeah apparently that’s more a scam than anything else, so we had no choice but to take a taxi. Of course, we confronted it with the hotel staff but no luck. Since it was so late we just went to bed.

The next day we woke up pretty late, had breakfast and chilled by the pool for a while. Then we hired a khmer tuk tuk to drive us to Tonle sap, the floating villages and flooded mangrove forrest. The ride was so nice and comfortable, the sun was shining… so nice until the dirt roads started 😀 😀

I have to say that the boat ride on the lake is pretty expensive just for two people, so I believe it is a much better idea to go with the group. We paid around 60$ for the boat and another 10$ for the kayak ride in the flooded mangrove forest. But it was worth it, even though we came from Myanmar and Inle lake the floating village was pretty different and it was so nice to compare them. 🙂 But the best part was for sure the ride in the forest it really is an amazing thing to see 🙂 The lady who took us around made me a flower “crown” in seconds, it was so nice and I always wanted to have one.

For the sunset we went to the temple near Angkor Wat. After 5pm everyone can visit without a ticket. Angkor Wat is really incredible! I still don’t know how they managed to build all this 😀

And for dinner we found such a good BBQ place full of locals and it was so good! Probably the best food in Cambodia! 😀

We spent so much time trying to get an accurate info if we can rent a regular scooter, we got so many different information. People renting them said yes… of course, people renting e-scooters said it is not allowed. But at the end of the day we decided to rent it either way. When we paid for it then they said where we can’t drive… haha 😀

I have to say that our first impressions of Cambodia were not very good. Maybe because it was such a difference coming from Myanmar, everything was also much more expensive (still cheap.. but a noticeable difference), maybe we were just tired…

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