In the morning we just chilled in Kampot, it really has such a relaxing vibe! We had a French pastry breakfast and of course we took some snacks as well since we were going to Bokor national park. And let me tell you the National park should not be used here. It’s fully becoming a deserted Chinese ghost town. There are a few abandoned colonial houses , a few mega hotels with security guards and police, casinos, new roads and no people! Nowhere! It was so weird being here. Like your somewhere illegally like in movies when you know something bad will happen. Well nothing bad happened except a feeling we were actually low on petrol so we were searching everywhere for it. Eventually we found it and some people as well but it’s worth going up because there is such a nice ocean view with a ton of butterfly’s just waiting for you! It was so creepy I totally forgot to take any photos of the ghost town haha..

After this is we had lunch, returned the scooter, chilled a bit more in Kampot and went on a bus to Phnom Penh. There we strolled around this crazy city, had the best Lebanese dinner and went for the best massage I have ever had!! And later another sleeper bus to Ratanakiri. I always look forward to night busses haha. I don’t know why but it always feels like relaxing and chilling time haha. 😀 We were the only tourists on the bus, so the bus took almost 2 hours more than it should. We kept stopping. We watched a movie and fall asleep even though the roads were rough..

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