We previously arranged an elephant experience in Ratanakiri and I was really looking forward to this! To see them up close and to spend some time learning about them and spending some time with them. Of course when we arrived to the meeting spot nobody knew we were coming. It was pretty unprofessional but luckily we just caught the owner so he took us and it ended up being even better, he also took us to pepper farm, cashew nut farm and they explained how they are made. I never knew just how much work it takes to make cashew nuts and that they are even poisonous 😀 … and then.. finally elephants! First we got to feed them and just be amazed! Later on we gave one of them (the only girl, they had 3 boys and one girl) a bath and she enjoyed it so much! She was so incredibly happy she was in the water and she could dive and play around! In was so nice seeing her so happy! The water was green before she came in haha 😀 and after brown haha. 😀 She would dive under the water and you didn’t even know where she was haha. 😀 It was so fun and so amazing!! Really by far one of the best experiences possible! It really was a very happy moment for all of us.

I also learned how hard is to take care of the elephants! They eat enormous amount of food, they poop literally all the time and they like to destroy trees for fun 😀 

Cambodia diary 13: Goodby beautiful Cambodia

Unfortunately, our time in Cambodia was ending fast. We went back to Phnom pen on the night bus, got another massage at the same place as last time but it wasn’t as good as the first time and straight to the airport…

Thank you Cambodia for all the beautiful memories <3.

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