The wind has stopped, the water is amazingly turquoise, sunrises you can watch out of a tent. This is life! The beach is approximately 1km long, you have 4 different accommodations with restaurant and one only restaurant and that’s it! So you really get to just relax, tan, eat and swim. You don’t even know the time exists! ?

One day we took a boat trip to go across the island, we stopped at the main village for lunch and we had a pizza. I am really not a pizza fan but I have to say it was the best one I ever had! We snorkelled at some small island – but there is nothing to see really. We were fishing with a string and I actually caught one fish 😀 and just chilled. 🙂 On the way back the guys turned the music on, turned on the party lights and gave us beers and wisky&coke haha it was such a fun day!

We played a lot of Monopoly cards, our camp was the best they had so many games to play with 😀

One day we went jungle trekking across the island, and so saw 3 different beaches. All looking pretty alike 😀 but ours was the nicest and the cleanest one. On other beaches you can also see a lot of constructions going on.

One thing all beaches have in common in the trash situation. You can see that they are cleaning up the beaches but what fascinated me the most is that people don’t even care. They literally lay in the middle of the trash. Gregor and I we were picking up trash from the whole beach every morning and every morning we brought back to the camp 2-4 big black bags…

Oh and for my shoes… they were gone haha. 😀 Gregors shoes were still there since he is a bigfoot but my were gone. 😀 Oh well, I hope who ever has them is happy whit them 🙂

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