We decided the day before to go on an adventure with Climbodia. Even though I still had a few injuries from Myanmar. Maybe not the smartest decision but it was such an amazing day! We drove to the meeting point with our scooter and first we did some uphill climbing to get the adrenalin started. Once we were up the view was so nice! And we were doing our first via ferrata on the outside of the lime stones – It was a bit scary but mostly fun! After this, it was time for a 30m abseil down into the cave! Now this was super scary I have never done this before, and I was freaking out a bit . ? But after the first meter it’s just pure fun because when you let go you know you are on your own and you just do it – you don’t overthink. Followed by a cave tour and then a cave ferrata! I never appreciated being “skinny” that much before! The cave ferrata is super narrow and you literally have to crawl beneath the rocks. 😀 And then another one climbing up from the cave, it really was a sports day 😀 and It was super-hot as well. The only thing left for us was rock climbing. My muscles were already pretty tired, but I always wanted to try this!

I started whit 5A (apparently this is the easiest one) and it really was! I was very proud on myself! Then it was time to 5B which was noticeably harder! I took a few breaks before finally reaching the top! Gregor almost finished this one, but since he had to drive us home he took it easy. And I am more stubborn, so I did 6A which took place in the cave and was super fun! And then I finally gave up at 6B, my muscles were too tired!

We went back to the hotel to shower since we were totally sweaty and went to the Secret lake for lunch! Really good food in the middle of nowhere! Really old fashioned.

For dinner we decided to go to Kep’s crab market! Fist we stopped by the beach and had some smoothies by the water and continued to the crab market for the sunset. The guys from Climbodia told us to buy the crabs at the market and ask them to cook it for us. And so we did! This was probably the funniest experience! So much people everyone trying to sell crabs and of course nobody spoke English! So we decided to go with a family and they arranged everything for us! Even the table and chairs by the sea to watch the sunset! It was all just perfect! Until we realized we don’t know how to eat crab haha. 😀 first we wanted to share the food with them so we could watch how to do it but they didn’t want to take any so we tried to figure it out haha. Not to mention the whole market was watching us haha, usually people just go to restaurants to have it. 😀 We decided to google it haha or better said YouTube it. 😀 The little boy went to check on us, since we were on our phone instead of eating so he saw what we were doing haha.. He ran to the people and we all started laughing hahah it was so funny!! So his father came to us and he showed us how to properly eat crab with only our hands 😀 it was such a fun night! And the crabs were so delicious!! Seriously, so good! I wanna go back and eat there again! 😀

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