We met our AirBnB host Dipankar and he was super nice, friendly and open person! Before bed time we went to a beach bar called Barasti that was just across the street, it’s a cool party place with live music on the beach. The next day we went for a short walk through the beach and after for a desert safari and got the most amazing driver Nasir but were not so fortunate with the family we shared the jeep with, they were complicating and changing their minds all the time. When we arrived to the desert the first activity was a quad bike ride for 20 min. Is was a pretty small and limited place with a lot of people but it was still very fun and exciting. Of course I got stuck in the sand, but they expect it so there was a guy who helped me out haha 😀 and I gave Gregor a chance to make fun out of me. The real desert experience started when Nasir took us to the big red dunes for dune bashing in a Toyota Land cruiser. That was so much fun! Going up and down and sliding through the desert. The path then led us to the camp for a short camel ride (and when they say short, they definitely mean it!), bbq dinner, dance shows, shisha and dress up. The food was really not good so we didn’t eat anything, the rest was ok, but a tone of people. I was in Morocco for a month 4 years ago and there you get a real dessert experience. If I was to choose again I would definitely go for a sunrise safari instead!

When we came back to the city we went for a walk to JBR walk, such a cool place full of art, shops, restaurants and a big beach.

The last day of year 2017 we started on a beach with a nice view over the Burj Al Arab. We came in early so it wasn’t too crowded. Later we went to see Madinat Jumeirah for some more views of the world best hotel and then continued to the Kite beach for some more sun.