Afterwards we went to the Palm, to see Atlantis hotel and took a walk to see the skyline surounding Burj Khalifa, definitely worth it but our evening was a bit foggy so the view was in a haze. For dinner we met up with Dipankar and he took us to dinning with his friends, such nice people so fun to be around and the food was so delicious. I am very grateful to our new friend Dipankar for making as feel so welcomed, because of him this trip has a special place in my heart and I really enjoyed it more then I thought I would.

Last day was a busy day. Got up, breakfast took the metro to Burj Khalifa, what a fantastic ride! Because we were early we got to stand in front and the view was great! First we took a look around the famous Dubai mall, it’s ok, for me personally nothing special. But there is a really special place just 5 min walk from the mall where you can get the best view possible of the Burj Khalifa. Before the view we went to the Aquarium and underwater zoo, again it was nice and ok but nothing really breath taking.

Finally, it was time to go at the top of world tallest building. I was super excited and the line was super long. But again the view was worth the wait. We stayed up there for almost two hours to see the panorama during dan and night. We finished the day and our trip by watching the glorious fountain show and the light snow on Khalifa. We liked it so much we watched 3 shows in a roll. 😀