Lea and i decided for a spontaneous trip, before she started to work. So we went to Lago di Fushi, it was the first time for both of us. This place is incredibly breathtaking beautiful! Its like nothing else, a wall of mountains behind an amazingly turquoise clear lake. We planned to go hiking but none of us did any research so it was bound to be adventurous. We were just walking and talking, walking and talking and before we knew it we were climbing up on big rocks, where the river was suppose to be. Then we realized we haven’t seen any markings for quite some time. We didn’t know what was better to climb some more or go down, nothing really seemed like a good idea. The rocks become unstable so going down was the way. And of course we had “fitness shoes”… The determination made us look for the right path and try again… And again we got lost.. haha i was so funny. The markings weren’t the best neither was our observation. We were going up on the left side and it was very steep so we were pulling grass on the way up.. of course the right side was the path. Again our favorite sentences came in use: just i little bit higher and i will be easier to cross… haha what a BS… finally we managed to get across and all the sudden the left side didn’t seemed so bad.. we were in the middle of some big rock climbing to nowhere.. After i think 6 hours of getting lost and sunburned it was time to call it a day. On the way down all we could think about was food. I was sure had a burner, and she was sure i had it… so there went out dinner. Luckily we had a lot of non cooking food too. But anyway it was a great day full of laughs, jokes and good conversation 🙂