I love snow! And I especially love hiking in snow and I actually think it’s easier, all though most people would disagree. Gregor and I took Oscar to Ratitovec for a sunset hike and I had no idea that this will be probably one of the most magical sunsets and definitely the most windy day ever haha just look at Oscars ears on the pictures :D.

Ratitovec is known for being windy and it is also very popular so I was not really the most excited about going, but Gregor was and I am so happy I’ve listened to him!  

We were again so smart with our thinking so we left ours sinks at home, I was sure the snow was already gone since it wasn’t snowing much and Ratitovec is not that tall.. oh boy did we regret our decision!!!  Luckily one couple suggested we descend on the other side of the mountain as it has almost no snow left. This was a huge saver 😀   

It was really so special and so freezing 😀 From time to time there was a stroke of wind and it actually moved Oscar 😀 ..  Our tea got cold as soon as we poured it and the sandwiches were so cold you could barely bite into them. The conditions were so harsh we thought about not waiting for sunset and to just go back home but we decided to wait anyway.  And oh, so beautiful! Mother nature really knows how to surprise.

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