Finally touchdown.. its been a long but fun ride. As soon as I stepped outside this worm breeze hit me and I knew it was going to be a great adventure. Our hotel was in the center right next to the colonial buildings in down town Yangon. I don’t know why, but I really love those old messy, wires everywhere kind of a buildings but I do. So immediately we went out for a walk and a lunch/dinner. On the main square there was also a concert and it was such a nice vibe in the city. Relaxed, sunset-ich, locals were all hanging on the grass or playing with a special ball made of wood. I was really nice and there were also some pagodas in the background shining their gold. We wanted to catch a sunset by the river but we meet a local guy and started to chat and he gave us some really useful tips on what to see and where to eat. The sun went down really quick and there was too much haze for an afterglow so we followed his advice on the restaurant and it was delicious – Shan noodles 999 and straight to bed.