We decided to wake up early and visit Shwedagon pagoda. We thought it will be less crowded in early morning hours, but we were so wrong 😀 There was so many local people and children praying, meditating – it was really amazing. Since the weather in Yangon is super-hot it was still smart to be there early and not sweating like hell. We watched the sunrise from the Shwedagon pagoda and walked around and it was really nice.. Of course they were renovating the main pagoda, but well what can you do. After that we went back to the hotel for breakfast. We also made a bus reservation for Hpa-An and had a few hours left until the bus, so we just walked around the city and admiring the streets, life and architecture. We also went to the river and markets before leaving for a six hours bus to Hpa-An. It was so nice to see how the landscape changed. From busy city to just farm and plantations. In Hpa-An we checked in to guest house and went to have a dinner at the most amazing restaurant Lucky 1 – the food was so good.

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