This morning we took it easy, slept in and went for “breakfast” to the same restaurant as for dinner. We also rented a scooter – best way to explore. Hpa-an is such a beautiful area full of limestone rocks, caves, beautiful nature and it is really not touristy. Probably because it is pretty far and out the usual route people take.. Getting around with a scooter is for sure the best option – although do not wear white clothes because there are mostly dirt roads.

Fist we went to see the famous pagoda on the rock – Kyaut Ka Latt Pagoda. I have no idea how they managed to build it up there honesty. It was pretty amazing to see what can be done. We than continued to Sadan caves. While the cave itself is huge and nice, it is full of LED lights.. But for me the best part is when you come out. The most beautiful river lake with boats and mountains backdrop. Oh it was so pretty. We just chilled there for a while and took a boat to return back to the start where we left our shoes. As far as I know you can only take the boat in the dry season because you actually go back in a cave tunnel.. The whole ride was to amazing. I actually wanted to do it again!

For the sunset we decided to hike up a hill across the river and because we had time we decided to just drive around and admire the natures. Now I have no idea why but I suddenly wanted to drive a scooter.  There was no one on the side roads and it was so nice.. Gregor surprisingly agreed and we switched and everything was fine for a while. My driving was pretty solid.. and the all the sudently I saw a lot of sand on the road and since the back break (the one and only one I was instructed to use) was super bad the speed didn’t go down quickly and right after the sand there was a huge bump. So I panicked and I started to break with boat breaks… aaand we just flew on the bump and landed on the ground. I only remember Gregor saying “on no” haha and there we were on the ground. A very nice local family picked us up and took us to their home, cleaned and disinfected us. So amazingly caring and helpful they were! I really appreciate them for taking care of us. Luckily the injuries were all minor. I scraped all of my left side of the body and Gregor just a knee. Their son also prepared the scooter and before we knew it we were back on the road continuing to the mountain hike – smart plan I know haha 😀 Because of the accident we were already preeety late… We came to the river at 5pm and got a boat ride across. The driver said he will pick us at 6pm on the last boat going across. We had an hour to hike up see the sunset and hike down… And we were both injured haha 😀 and to make things ever better there were stairs up and bushes growing everywhere so if was a pretty unpleasant hike. It even got worse when the stairs ended and 4 old decomponsing bamboo ladders started. They were falling apart and they were steep.. It was pretty fun and adventures 😀 but let me tell you the sunset on the top was so worth it all!! The colours were so beautiful, the landscape ..oh <3 … and since it was so beautiful we missed the boat back. Haha… so we ended up waving with our cellphone flash lights until someone eventually came back for us 😀 … What a day!

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