It was time to leave Hpa-An and go to Inle lake. I really appreciate that all the buses in Myanmar offer free hotel pick up. When we got on the bus we were surprised with how big and comfy the seats are, everyone got their own huge blanket, we were served with an ice coffee can, water, toothbrush, wipes and two kinds of pastry. Suddenly spending 14h on the bus didn’t seem that bad 😀 Well.. we were in for another surprise.

After driving for about an hour the driver stopped the bus. Nobody was speaking English and they wanted us to go down from the bus.. We had no idea what was going on and of course we didn’t want to go down. All the locals went down and all the tourists stayed up. It looked like we were going through some control when changing the province. Gregor soon realized that at the control they were weighting us and that was the reason we had to go down – apparently we were to heavy and all the control cared about was how much we weighted only on the scale haha 😀 We had approximately 3 controls along the way. One control was so strict they had to even put all our luggage out and turn around a million times to get weighted again haha. 😀 It was not just a bus ride it was an adventure. 😀 Of course because all the stops the bus ride took even longer. But this was the fun part of the ride! The bad part was the climate change. It went from 35 °C to 7 °C. It was freezing cold in the bus, it was so cold that the inside of the window was wet.. it was really cold…

We arrived in Inle lake at around 8AM went straight to hotel and showered with hot water 😀 and just relax a bit before going out for lunch. We went to an Indian restaurant Taj Mahal. It was pretty good. After lunch we rented bikes and cycled to the mini U-bein bridge. It was so amazing there to see the first floating village and to walk on that bridge – it was the most beautiful town I have ever seen. There were mostly local and not that many tourists which was just another bonus.  Most tourists just cycle to the bridge and turn abound to go back home the same way. But you can also pay the boatmen 4$ to take you to the other side of the lake – you have to bargain a lot! And then continue home from the other side and that side is so much nicer and so beautiful! The boat ride itself is also super fun and then you bike close to the river and you see so much of local life… I really enjoyed it even though I’m not a fan of biking and I was already pretty tired (we did altogether 40km) it was worth it! The second part was so mesmerizing we even considered watching the sunset from there but decided to stick to the plan.

The plan was to return the bikes, rent a scooter and go back to the mini bridge for the sunset haha. 😀 I am so happy we did it because it was so beautiful there at golden hour, watching all the boats going home, and the colours changed while we were drinking a coconut in a floating bar. PS: we had a bright pink scooter haha 😀 Gregor was loving it 😀

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