Our hotel was right next to the river and it had such a nice view of the busy boating life in Inle lake. We woke up pretty early for a breakfast by the river and it was the foggiest morning. You could barely see across the river – misty and really beautiful. At 7AM it was time for the boat trip around the lake and we specifically told the driver we don’t want to see a lot of shops especially not the most touristy ones and he did a great job! I really loved the cigar factory – and I am not a smoker or a fan of it but what they make has literally nothing to do whit the cigarettes we know. They are all handmade with carefully selected ingredients and they made three different ones: the sweet one, banana and strong. I actually felt so interested in them that I decided to try the sweet one (and before that I have never tried a cigarette or a cigars) and it was actually good I liked it 😀

When we made arrangements for the boat trip we asked if he could take us way down the lake, totally of the beaten path and it was such a good decision to really get the feel of how they live, work and how much they depend on water and boats. Children there can row before they can walk, when you step out of your house there is only water you can fall in. It’s unimaginable to live like that. The kids need a boat to get to school. It really puts in a new perspective on life..

The more down we went the more beautiful it was, our last stop was at a ceramics shop and when we got dropped off I thought we were lost or at the wrong village because it looked abandoned. But after a few hundred meters you could see the village and how different it was from the others. This one was not on water, but you can only get to it by a boat. A very lovely family gave us a demonstration on how to make ceramic pots and stuff and it was really nice, we were the only tourists in the whole village and the price of the products was incomparably cheaper than anywhere else. While boating back to the hotel we were watching the sun go down, it was so beautiful and peaceful.

Before the night bus to Bagan we went to Paw Paw Cafe & Restaurant and I had my best ever curry dish!! If we had more time I would ask the lady to give me cooking lessons! Yuum!

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