We arrived in Mandalay hotel in the middle of the night and just went for a shower and bed. We slept in after a long time 😀 enjoyed breakfast with a view of the city and again rented a scooter.

We decided to go for a long almost 2h drive across the river to the lost gate (Mingun Pagoda) and the white clouds pagoda (Hsinbyume Pagoda). You can also take a ferry but then you are limited with the time. Although everything is in the same village it is nice to have a scooter, yes I can be pretty lazy at times 😀 You have to pay an entrance fee in village and then you can see all the fascinating architecture there is! The temple rock with huge gates on all four sides was amazing! I have no idea how they managed to buid this! And the Hsinbyume Pagoda! Also so amazing, something completly different to sea! Myanmar really has a lot to offer.

We went for a lunch by the river and we were thinking to prolong our stay in Myanmar instead of going to Cambodia. But no luck, change of flight was just too expensive. We really wanted to go to the beach in Myanmar but it will just have to wait for the next time…

We rushed back to Mandalay to catch the famous sunset from U-bein bridge. There was so many people it was crazy!! A lot of young locals like to come here to chat with tourists and practice ther english. It was such a lovely afternoon.

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