Woke up early to swap the bed for the sunbed and watch sunrise. It’s so great to just walk in pyjamas with a blanket and a pillow and relax on the beach. Gregor and I also had our anniversary 1 year and 7 months so it was a really great start of a day. Followed by yoga, swimming and another delicious breakfast on the beach. Last night when walking home we realized a sign is missing in the main road so that people know where to turn and find The Trees restaurant so we were on a mission to create a nice sign for them. First we rented a scooter so we were more mobile and went searching for wooden planks, we had a pretty good idea where to find them and we were right. We found them in the harbour and some local fisherman helped us to tear it down from an abandoned shack. The next thing on our to-do list was paint. Again we already knew where to go and we found perfect colour and everything we needed. Last stop was the supermarket to buy a sponge. We had what we needed and went to find some lonely beach to peacefully create on it. On our way there I spotted a man sawing wood and we turned back and asked if he could cut off the ends so they would look nice. He gladly helped and in the meantime his family prepared us coconuts, everything was so perfect and coming together so effortlessly. Gregor was speeding on scooter since it was the fastest one so far and road was nice so we missed the beach exit and had to take some narrow back roads where we were stopped by a horde of cows on their daily walk. It was so nice and finally we were in the perfect beach. The only thing we didn’t think of was opening the paint. While Gregor was searching for anything helpful I found a shell that did the job easily. We coloured it together and it was so fun. The second paint was even harder to open but Gregor managed it somehow. After we have finished the sign we went for a dip to refresh and waited for the paint to dry. We meet up again in the restaurant for lunch and the owner Komar was really happy for the signs and it was the best feeling. For lunch we pulled all the tables together and ate like a big family it was super nice! And we had the best rice and curry ever! After lunch we went snorkelling and found some really cool and colourful fish. The sunset was so beautiful the sky was all pink I could see it in the mirror as we were driving to the spot. I love looking in the mirror while driving and seeing our shoulders, wind in my hair, colourful skies and plenty palm trees. For dinner we met our friends again at the Trees and played some cards. Avi showed us a new game and I love it, you have to play seven rounds and the person with the lowest points wins (I actually won, I had a really great set of cards always) and one with the highest loses and has to buy ice cream for everyone! So fun! Saying goodbye was not easy nor pleasant.