The alarm went on at 6 am as it was time to go whale watching. We felt really worn out since we didn’t get any sleep. The tuk tuk picked us up and drove us to meeting point in harbour. As I stepped on the boat I noticed it was really unstable! But I am used to boats so for sure it wasn’t going to be a problem… haha. They served us breakfast and tea as we set sail. After some time of searching we found a bunch of dolphins playing and jumping, it was so magical! I was standing for some time and enjoying the wind and all the sudden I felt really bad. And it was getting worse. I guess I got sea sickness, who would of thought! It is so horrible! I just kept my eyes shut and tried to breathe and meditate. Our driver so very determined to find us a blue whale and we were just driving and waiting and waiting and driving. The waiting part was the hardest since the boat was swinging pretty hard. Finally I threw up haha… but felt so much better afterwards! I wish I’ve done it sooner. So we saw some more wales and two sea turtles and was very nice. Land touch down, awh, finally! Headed straight back to hotel, I slept for an hour. I think I got sick because of the ice in cocktails and lack of sleep. We packed up again and headed to Hikkaduwa, out last destination ? The bus ride reminded me a little of that boat ride, another unpleasant ride today haha luckily I didn’t eat anything. 😀 Finding a room to stay in Hikkaduwa was challenging! At least renting a scooter was easy! We headed to the so called ‘turtle point’ and saw 3 huge turtles were able to feed them. It was such a fun and memorable thing to do! They are wild turtles but the locals feed them 3 times a day so it a hanging slot for them. In the meantime the sun has set and it was one of the most beautiful sunsets ever! The sky and the ocean were dark pink, ah so nice! As soon as it was dark it was time for bed to regain some strength.