Woke up semi early at 7.20, breakfast by the beach just as I love it! Went snorkelling and the water was really shallow. Found a ton of fishes and saw a giant sea turtle. So amazing! With time the waves became rough and my mask was super bad and leaking all the time, and when the big wave came I cut my foot a bit on a reef. We drove back home to clean it and continued our plan to see Galle, Unawatuna and Dalawella beach. I love scooter rides! Fist we went to Dalawella beach, walked through the beach and for the first time we saw the old way to fish! I was super excited to see it! Later we head to lunch, we had our first touristic food – pizza. And I don’t even like pizza but this one smelled and looked so good. After lunch it was time to just chill, tan and enjoy the beach. Before sunset we went to see the Galle forth, it was so different then I have expected it to be. You constantly hear it is very European but i do not agree! It’s more like Cuba than anything else, colourful houses, old cards, wiring everywhere, very cute to just walk around! We went for a milkshake at the best place possible since it was a small boutique place whit its own handmade jewellery. Of course I felt in love with one ring, oh it was super nice! The sales man knew i would walk out with it so we bargained for the price and he gave me 50% the original price, not bad. As a surprise at the end Gregor bought it for me. Such a nice way to remember our great adventure here, I love it. As it was getting dark we drove home, eat our last dinner – soups, avocado cheese roti and banana coconut honey roti. I am going to miss Sri Lankan food so much! We spend the last night just cuddling on the beach in front of hotel and just crying over going home… ok only I did the crying. But our time here was just so amazing and I felt in love with Sri Lanka, the landscape, people, food especially fruit.. everything!!