1.45 AM, finally the alarm clock started. I didn’t sleep very good, I was really excited for Adams peak and I don’t know why but I had this fear we will sleep through the alarm. Also it was not a quiet night. Busses with people were coming and a lot of them started the hike even earlier. They say the average time to reach the top is 3 hours. 2 if you are a fast hiker and 4 for more slow ones. And everyone is saying it’s the most difficult hike. So we were sure it would take us at least 3 hours. As we stepped out of our hotel it was clear that this was the biggest tourist attraction we had seen so far. Besides the tourists a lot of locals are going up as well since Buddha left his footprint at the top. The whole path is lighted up so there is no need for a headlight. Also there are a ton of shops with everything you can imagine to buy. The only thing one would really want to buy are warm clothes, but they only sell that at the bottom. We had our tempo and we were constantly passing groups of people. The only one thing we actually bought was a local herbal cream for throat, since swimming the night before without towels and everything was not the bestest idea… ? or better said the wisest haha. ? As we progressed towards the middle there was less and less people, only some locals going down. We never stopped for a break, because if you stop it was really cold so we just kept on going. There was no end to all 5500 steps. Closer to the top they were getting smaller and taller… and finally the top. Woohooo we were so fast we made it in 1.50 hour and what a mistake. We were the first tourist who reached the top, but there were a lot of locals just sitting and sleeping everywhere. Because it is a religious temple at the top you had to take down your shoes to see the temple. Getting a spot to seat and wait for sunrise was no problem since it was so early. The problem was waiting for another two hours for the sunrise in that freezing cold and windy top. It was definitely the most unpleasant thing ever. All I could think about was a hot shower and all my winter clothes at home. Slowly the moon was going down and sun up. We changed our position for a better view of sunrise. By that time the top was so full people had to wait on the stairs. I had never seen so many people, it was really a unique experience. The sunrise however was indeed very rewarding and beautiful, the view of the lake and mountains as the new day was starting. We stayed up until the day was in full glow. The way down was actually slower, because of all the people and harder as well. We stopped at the first shop down for some milk tea, oh and it was such a good one as well! Freshly made just the way locals like it, priceless!  Back at the hotel we had shower and breakfast and headed towards new adventures. First was the bus back to Hatton and then the bus to Nuawa eliya, except we changed our minds on the bus and hopped off to change our next destination plan. Luckily we were very close to the train station, stopped for some coconuts and waited to drive some more on the iconic train towards Ella. And of course, it was even more full then the first time. We played around and went all the way from second class to third. That was fun! The third class is not bad at all, all the locals hang in there and it was much nicer since there were not as much people. After an hour we got again the best seats on the door way. But if was getting colder and colder as we were getting higher and higher. Finally, we arrived at Haputale and jumped down. From the first step we loved this town. It was so small and authentic, a lot of people in perfect chaos. By now it was already a habit to first stop at a fruit shop for some coconuts, bananas and a pineapple, in the shop we meat a tuk tuk driver who gave as a ride to our guest house. It was owned by a very nice family who prepared milktea. It was so amazing to watch how quickly the fog was rising and in ten minutes you could only see 1m in front you.